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"Create high-quality, ready to print, more secure, full-featured PDF."
indir.biz Editor: XSearch a free search tool is more features, with Windows Search did not provided. You can search files on your computer at high speed. Files when searching specific words, such 'Any words', etc. without the word ',' all words ',' the sentence of ',', you can also search for files as hexadecimal option you can specify the words.
Unicode or UTF8 format automatically XSearch files search words are supported. Windows search for files in specified size XSearch, such as date and time, not to call support, as well as to search the full-size bytes, KB, MB or GB (as), the exact date and / or time, you can specify. Search results can be saved to a file at any time and as I want to read it again. You view the contents of the file as hexadecimal XSearch for permission to provide a Hex View tool. XSearch Explorer Copy, Cut, Rename, Drag and drop the file operations such as XSearch 1.0 can download free support.

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